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Terms to Follow while Applying for Renewal or Change in Trademark Renewal

A trademark distinguishes between goods or services offered by similar goods or services from a different business. A registered trademark cannot be registered if it is offensive, lacks distinctiveness, and contains government symbols.  However, it is necessary to renew the trademark registration as it has a validity of 10 years. Trademark registration renewal can be started six months before the expiry date. The notice for trademark renewal is sent before the expiry date. 

If a person fails to renew the trademark, the registrar can remove the brand from the Trademark Journal. But again, this happens only 12 months after the expiration date. Between 6 and 12 months after expiration, a trademark registration can be renewed upon payment of a fine through a process called reinstatement.

Checklist for Trademark Renewal

  • Prepare a renewal application and thus comply with the appropriate conditions.
  • Get a legal opinion for the possible solution if there is any conflict with the brand.
  • Trademark must be registered, owned by the owner, and subject to renewal
  • Conduct a trademark search to check that no comparable trademarks exist.

Trademark Renewal Procedure

There are two types of trademark renewal:

  • The application is made without any change in the trademark.
  • Changes and modifications have been made to the mark or logo of a registered trademark.

Here is a simplified process:

  • Application for Renewal of Trademark Registration as TM-R.
  • The registered trademark owner or an agency approved by him can apply.
  • By filing a renewal application for a trademark, one will renew it for the next ten years.
  • It is crucial to check the status of the application from time to time until the registrar processes it.
  • The Trademark Journal is the Trademark Registry’s official publication that regulates whether a trademark is approved or rejected. Accordingly, if your application is approved, it will be published in the Trademark Journal. And the renewal procedure should begin three to six months before the trademark expires.
  • For filling application form 18 with the requisite fee. Applications are reviewed for quality before they are finally approved for renewal.

Period for Restoration of Trademark

  • After six months and one year from the date of expiry of the final roll of the mark, trademark registration can be reinstated.
  • The following forms must be provided with the application for trademark renewal and fee.


  1. TM -R: Application for renewal with tax/ repair and regeneration of a Trademark
  2. TM-18: Affidavit in approval of the statement of the case

However, the following members can apply for trademark renewal or restoration

  • registered trademark owner
  • an agent affiliated with a registered trademark

Period for renewing trademark registration

  • Renewal can be filed as Rule 57 & 58 in Trademark Rules 2017 within one year from the expiry date.
  • Renewal can be filed within six months from the date of expiry as per Rule 63 and 64 in Trademark Regulations 2002.
  • It can also be filed within six months of the date of expiry of renewal.


    1. TM- R:
    • Renewal application form for a registered trademark to be utilized by the registered proprietor.
    • Application for renewal with the taxation of registration of a Trademark.
    1. TM-18: Affidavit in support of the argument of the case.

    Documents required for the Trademark Renewal

    • Applicant’s photo-id and address proof
    • A copy of the Trademark Registration Certificate
    • Copy of Trademark Registration Application Form
    • Power of Attorney to represent the applicant

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