TDS Filing

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TDS Filing

The person responsible for deducting tax at the source has to register the TDS return as an element of compliance. The tax deductor files a TDS return for each quarter with the Income Tax Department. Return is a statement containing the details of tax deposited, source of collection, and tax is given to the Government for the reporting stage.

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How to file a TDS return?

Filing a TDS return is required for all assessees who fall below the Income Tax Department’s tax slab. A TDS return must be filed electronically and may be done using the official income tax e-filing system.

Documents Required

  • Title of Invention
  • TAN Details
  • PAN details
  • Final TDS Filing Details (If Applicable)
  • Period for which TDS is to be Filed
  • Date of Incorporation of Business
  • Number of Transactions for Filing TDS Return
  • Name of the Entity (Proprietorship/Partnership/Company/LLP)

Benefits of filing TDS return

  • Prevent Tax Evasion: The filing of TDS returns helps people to prevent tax evasion.
  • Expansion of Tax Collection Base: Since TDS deduction happens throughout the financial year, it is an effective way of broadening the tax collection base of the government.

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