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  1. GST Registration
  2. Udyam Registration

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What is a sole proprietorship?

A sole proprietorship, often called a sole trader or just a proprietorship, is owned and controlled by a single individual. Between the owner and the business, there is no legal separation. All earnings (subject to business taxes) go to the owner, liable for all losses and obligations. A sole proprietor is an owner and handler of their own business. 

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Documents required

The procedure of proprietorship registration in India can be done online.

First, you have to do is submit the following documents: 

  1. Identity Proof of the applicant – Aadhar and the PAN Card.
  2. Address Proof of the applicant – Latest Bank Statement.
  3. Passport size photos.

Fufafin can help you obtain a sole proprietorship in India in just 7-15 days.

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Procedure for getting proprietorship registration

Fufafin can help you to get ownership registration very quickly.

The process of registering for a Proprietorship is completely online. Therefore, there’s no need to submit the documents manually.

  1. Once we receive a request, our incorporation experts get in touch with you and walk you through the entire process. The experts will also guide you about the documents required to submit.
  2. Once the documents are submitted and the payment has started, the registration begins.
  3. In this process, a Relationship Manager is appointed who will guide you through every step of the way.
  4. Subject to submission of documents, we can assist you in obtaining ownership registration in India within 7-15 days.

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to get proprietorship registration in India.