Limited Liability Partnership

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What is a Limited Libaility Partnership (LLP)?

In India, LLP registration has grown in popularity as an alternative business structure that combines the benefits of a corporation with the flexibility of a partnership firm. The Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 established the idea of LLP in India. This one-of-a-kind combination is excellent for small and medium-sized associations. 

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Registering of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

The complete process to get an LLP registered in India with Fufafin is very easy. You need to follow these steps:
  1. Once we have received your request, an association reaches out to you, explains the process, and collects the required documents.

  2. You can submit records online through our website.

  3. The information received is then verified, and the process of obtaining the applicant’s Digital Signature Certificate begins.

  4. Once the DSC is done, the applicant must complete the OTP or video KYC verification.

  5. A request is filed with the MCA to protect the name of the LLP.

  6. The incorporation documents are drafted, and the records are sent to the partners for signature on receiving.

  7. The scanned copy of the papers will be uploaded on the platform.

  8. The signed documents and application are then sent to the MCA for approval, which takes approximately 2-5 working days.

  9. We also help open a bank account in the name of LLP, parallel to this, we draft LLP Partnership Act. All the partners sign this Act on a stamp paper, which must be uploaded on the India filing platform within 25 days of Incorporation.

  10. The Engagement Manager then verified the signed deed and uploaded it on the MCA portal within 30 days of Incorporation.

Documents Required

● PAN Card
● Voters Identity Card
● Passport (Foreign Nationals Only)

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Checklist for registering an LLP in India

For integrating an LLP in India:

● At least two partners are required.
● Assets contribution by the partners of the LLP.
● LLP contract between the partners.
● Verification of registered office of LLP.
● Digital Signature Certificate is required for all the specified partners.
● DPIN for all selected partners.
● The name of the LLP should be such that it does not resemble the title of an existing LLP or trademark registration.

Advantages of LLP registration in India

There are many causes why people in India opt for LLP registration over Private Limited Company Incorporation. LLPs are easy to set up and have flexible forms of business. Entrepreneurs find it possible to start their organization comparatively hassle-free in day-to-day operations. Here, we take a look at the countless benefits of LLP. 

Low Registration Cost: Registration of LLP in India is comparatively less than incorporating a Public Limited Company or Private Limited Company.

No Minimum Contribution Requirement: Since LLP can be formed with the least possible capital, there is no minimum requirement for incorporation of LLP.

No Limit on Business Owners: A LLP requires a minimum of 2 fellows, but there is no maximum number limit for members. At the same time, there is a ban on having more than 200 members in a private limited company.

When the contribution of LLP exceeds Rs. 25 lakhs / When the annual collection of the LLP is more than Rs. 40 lakhs.